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14-19 Networks

Greennhill often takes a creative approach to meeting the needs of our students.  Where ever possible we create bespoke plans which often involves the skills and services of providers outside of the school’s campus.  Staff and students sit together to work out educational pathways that will best meet the needs of the individual.  Below is a selection of the providers who work with us.

ACT (Associated Community Training) - Offers vocational, practical subjects such as Animal Care, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Construction Skills and Hair and Beauty skills.

MPCT (Military Preparation College)  - Work with young people interested in a career in public services such as Police, the Armed Forces and Firefighting, although you can still study with them if you don’t want to work in this field.  They spend a lot of time doing teambuilding and fitness and improving personal goals and skills. 

MXC (Motorbike Mechanics) - Pupils can learn about  motorbike mechanics.  Mornings are spent getting hands on experience working on motorbikes, and afternoons are spent riding the bikes around the off-road track, perfecting technique and riding skills.

Amelia Farm is based in the Vale of Glamorgan.  Time is spent outdoors practising new skills with animals, wood working and land-based jobs.

We are also able to access specialist support through our colleagues at Smooth Start, who work with learners who find it difficult to access school.

We work closely with Cardiff Youth Service and have a Youth Mentor attached to our school.  They work with all Year 11 learners in the summer term to help and support them in to their chosen Post 16 option.  They also engage with any learners who we refer to them for a variety of reasons.  Their outcomes revolve around improving attendance, engagement and wellbeing.

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